Our mission is to show you the real Rovinj, from its inception to the present day.

Discover with us this city born out of a historic coincidence, whose destiny will be to become the largest, best organised and most populous and prosperous town in medieval Istria.

Together, we will start in the lower town area and slowly make our way through the upper town, travelling back in time as we proceed uphill to Saint Euphemia’s, as people used to during the ancient Holy Week procession.

We are locals. We were born here. We live and breathe Rovinj at its purest. It does matter to us to present it in a genuine and true way. We will tell you where we would buy the best fruits and vegetables, where the best coffee is made, where the cakes are sublime and the gelato leaves you breathless. You will get the local point of view on many topics. And this is something you cannot find in any guidebook. Honest!

Among the sights covered during the 1h 40min tour are:

  • Saint Euphemia’s church
  • Holy Trinity church
  • Pond square
  • Valdibora square
  • Market-place
  • Channel street
  • Bridge square
  • Carera st.
  • Waterfront
  • Port square
  • Antonio Balbi’s arch
  • City Hall, Well square
  • Grand square
  • Oven square
  • Jewish ghetto
  • Medieval walls… and much, much more.


We are waiting for you here.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:30 PM, please be there ten minutes earlier. Duration: 2 hours.


Because you should go beyond the bay area with its cafés and restaurants, beyond the beaches and the cocktail bars. Because this place hides secrets that have so far been difficult to discover and explore for the individual traveler as city tours were only available for organised groups.


From June 29th 2020, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:20 PM.  Tours will start at 6:30.


Impossible to miss as we will be wearing either a shirt with the Rovinj Walking Tours logo or an umbrella.


In front of the WW2 white monument at the Valdibora northern harbor by the farmers’ market-place.


120 Kuna per person. Bookable through Viator, Civitatis or GetYourGuide. Under 12 year olds no charge.


Discover with us the hidden gems of Rovinj’s rich history, culture and everyday life.

We are waiting for you!

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If you would like a tour on a different day, at a different time or in a language other than English (Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and German are available) please, feel free to send us a message here. Welcome!

Andree Amorosa 2, 52210 Rovinj, Croatia, +385 52 813985

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